Electrical services in London

electrical-services-in-londonFrom domestic electrical service to major industrial installation projects, finding a good reliable and affordable electrical service in London can be a big challenge. There are lot of information on the internet and directories about electrical services but to choose one always is important the right accreditation by UK Laws, this will guarantee that any electrical service will meet all legal requirements for carrying out electrical works safely and effectively.

First Action can provide electrical services for domestic and commercial properties with the safest, most reliable and best qualified electricians in London city.

Electrical Installation

First Actioncompany is a full service electrical contractor. Providingelectrical installation service for various types of facilities, inside and out. First Action is one of London’s most experienced electrical contractors, and our portfolio of electrical services.

First Action building services has extensive experience in complex electrical installationsand power applications. We work under safety regulation to bring efficient power distribution to a building or facility in London. First Action is NICEIC approved contractor.


Electrical inspection & testing

Your electricity runs behind the scenes, inside the walls and an electrical inspection can identify small appliances plugged into inadequate or improper wring as the leading cause of accidental electrocutions. These safety hazards can be easily addressed and prevented with an electrical inspection & testing.

Only fully accredited personal with NICEIC approved likeFirst Action building services can offerelectrical safety testing to the installed cabling and electrical appliances. This ensures that all electrical installation meet all safety standards by UK and European Laws.

Electrical Certificate and report

Landlords aren’t the only stakeholders included with electrical safety certificates. Tenants should likewise understand their rights with regards to the electrical safety of their home and learn how to understand basic electrical problems. Tenants should recognise their commitments for the safe use of the home electrical system and the appliances contained in the property.

First Action building services is NICEIC approved contractor which means that can provide electrical certificatesafter the installation and inspection, meeting all legal requirements for carrying out electrical works safely and effectively.

For more information, related to First Action electrical services in Londonvisit their website at: http://first-action.com/


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