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If you’ve had your sofa for several years, it is probably starting to show its age. What used to be a comfortable couch could now be a saggy eyesore. You might even be tempted to put it out at the curb. But if your sofa has good bones, or if it is perhaps a sentimental piece, you might want to consider having it restored. By reupholstering your couch and replacing the sofa foam, you can bring your old sofa to life again. Sofa foam replacement is one of the most effective ways to restore your sofa.

You can tackle this as a DIY project, or you can work with your local re-upholstery store to bring new life to your sofa. After deciding what fabric you will use, remove all of the old fabric from the sofa and from the sofa seat cushions and evaluate the condition of the remaining foam. Most likely, it will all need to be replaced.

Furniture foam can be purchased at craft stores and upholstery stores. You can determine just how much you need by measuring the old foam. You will likely also need to purchase some new batting in which to wrap the foam. The batting gives the foam that extra coziness that makes your favorite sofas so inviting, according to The Foam Factory.

After the new sofa cushions have been made, and the sofa frame has been re-covered, you’ll be glad you didn’t put your sofa out at the curb.

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