Small Kitchen

Designing and decorating for a small kitchen should ideally lessen clutter, boost effectiveness and link the room to the rest of the home. Each design decision must make the kitchen more practical with a great vibe! Simple ways to decrease clutter in a kitchen include stacking cabinets in 2 rows to increase storage, using built-in spice racks and vertical tray slots that help to arrange odd- shaped or small items. Eat-in kitchen areas can also minimize clutter by using chairs without arms or stools that fit under a counter.

Removing doors or even a wall from a small kitchen enhances traffic flow and opens the area to the other rooms. Setting up cabinets and appliances that extend the same size from the wall improves the flow of the kitchen. The range, sink, fridge and cooktop need to be within a step or 2 of each other for easy cooking and cleaning. Details such as glass-fronted cabinets and a light color tone can make a small kitchen area feel light and airy. Dark wood is a great look when contrasted with a dramatic backsplash. Likewise, adding pendant lights and under-the-counter lighting frees up valuable workspace.

Replace basic countertop material with granite. Not only is it beautiful, but it also offers you more space for food prep work. Granite Counter Tops has over 130,000 square feet of top quality granite in stock and offers unbelievable discounts! With the very same idea in mind, you could add a butcher block table instead of a regular table to add space to cook.  Increase the storage capacity of a small kitchen area by setting up cabinets with several drawers and storage compartments. Small cabinets can also make good use of a wall area. You can add more storage with a kitchen island that can also be used as a table setting for 2. Choose cabinets with two or 3 compartments; these can be combined to one bigger cabinet.

In conclusion, some good, basic decorating ideas for small kitchens are blending various shades, producing contrast with dark and light, including light toned countertops, tiling a backsplash in neutral colors, and upgrading wall colors for a subtle, yet remarkable change.

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