Warranty on the Appliances

These days, total protection home warranty has got immense popularity as these programs cover entire home maintenance expenses, which are not covered by the homeowner and title policies. Home systems like electrical, plumbing, home heating-cooling and AC are mainly included to these plans. This is why the home warranties are really handy for the new home buyers. This plan works as a form of protection for their purchase while allowing them to protect their budgets in the most convenient manner.


But in a number of cases, people are doubtful about the importance of the home warranty and this is why they mainly rely on the manufacturing warranty of these systems and after that on the extended warranty.


Almost all the major appliances are available with the manufacturer’s warranty, which mainly covers parts and labor for a year after the date of purchase. But once manufacturer’s warranty ends, then people mainly opt for extended warranties for the costly appliances. These warranties mainly stretch one to three years beyond the manufacturer’s warranty and these also work statistically like grace periods while the appliances rarely break. In most of the cases, the major appliances come with the life span, which reach beyond the extended warranty periods and most likely need no repair until the past due dates come close.


So, if you are in search of the ways to extend the appliance warranty without paying through the nose, then here are some tips that you can consider:

  • Ask the service provider: It feels really amazing while you get a number of free stuffs while the seller attempts to sell you some inexpensive appliances. So, while negotiating the sale, ask the retailer for a free extended warranty.
  • Get new credit cards: In case you don’t have any credit card, which offers extended warranty to these appliances, then get a new one. All the major card networks offer certain cardholders extended warranties on appliances for minimum a year.
  • Opt for third party warranties: There are a number of third party warranty plan providers, who can extend the coverage for a lesser rate than what the retailer offers. Therefore, it is worth of look see.
  • Consider a complete appliance warranty: For your peace of mind, search for the all-in-one appliance warranty or extended home warranty. This type of warranty offers coverage on a few household appliances for a flat rate, irrespective of the ages of appliances.

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